Countless roads and bike paths invite you to discover the beauty and magic of nature. From this year marked bicycle lanes are intended for all ages.

Round trips by boat Veleb channel (Karin sea, Novigrad sea, Maslenički bridge, Pag bridge) a daily excursion.

Walks, cycling , fishing - In particular pleasure is a departure in fishing with your host, morning recreation drive or romantic afternoon walk to the old guardian fort above the bay will fill your hart with memories. Breathtaking view from the fort on the whole bay, Velebit Mountain and Pag Bridge is something that you'll never forget.


For swimming fans that enjoy sports competition, there is a big swimming marathon that takes place every year at the end of July or beginning of August.


Windsurfing - Rtina is a good windsurfing "spot" for beginners. In the summer ''maestral'' (a typical Adriatic summer western wind) blows almost every day and is favorable for learning. When bura (unpredictable wind that blows from the mainland towards the sea in gushes) from the Velebit blows, it can reach the speed of 30 knots, making the spot great for professionals too.


Kitesurfing - This is a great "spot" for kite, because the water is shallow and it will satisfy requirements of beginners as well as experienced kiters. Everyday maestral is a guarantee that you won't be bored.


-Rafting - all wants to adrenaline temptation can try rafting on the river Zrmanja. Zrmanja is only an hour drive from Rtina.

-Beauty and the beast ...

It is a river that is called from the miles, "the beauty and the beast." When it rises it provides one of the best rafting in this part of Europe (and beyond). And when the quiet, beauty who becomes easily carries us through the landscapes that take your breath with its beauty. The river is rich in fish, birds are nesting on its coasts.


The Zrmanja thanks to the proximity of the sea, suitable for rafting all year round (when the water level is high enough). Rafting can not go when it blows a strong wind (Bora). Month of May is certainly most attractive, white-water rafting is still enough exciting and nature is beautiful. But if you are a lover of the "hunter" adrenaline necessary to catch and rafting on Zrmanja after heavy rains. The river then weight V, the waves are huge, it's a challenge for experienced players.

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